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Why does MIT view Australia as a great data analytics hub?

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Bella Kubary
Bella Kubary
Bella Kubary is one of the best journalists we have and like to write on a wide variety of subject matter, although she favours writing about business development and stakeholder relationship management. She is a talented author who has an impressive portfolio of work behind her.

Australia has become a major drawcard for a variety of data analytics professionals and academics. Why is this? The simple answer is that Australia has a rapidly growing ecosystem of technology and is creating large pools of useful data at an increasingly rapid rate.

This has been an attractive feature of Australia for many data analytic companies and academic researchers. For many, Australia is the world’s next biggest data analytics hub.

Of the biggest pieces of evidence to support this notion is the fact that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) announced that it wanted to create a ‘Living Lab’ at the Lot Fourteen innovation hub in Adelaide.

By making use of visual representations and real-time reporting, there is support for people to gain significant insights into the major issues facing businesses and make timely decisions based on accurate data analysis. This lab from MIT is the 4th in the world to have this goal in mind, and it is no doubt a going to continue being a part of what ensures Australian economic wellbeing far into the future.

The Adelaide innovation hub will play host to a variety of programs, including that of the Australian Space Agency. It created a network of data users, propped up by high-tier analytics stakeholders, that is truly invaluable and is set to create a variety of meaningful outcomes.

Australia is known for being an incredibly diverse, multicultural landscape that is advanced in terms of technology adoption. The data gathered from studying Australia gives companies a head start as to what to expect in other countries that are also becoming increasingly multicultural.

Overall, Australia proves that it is always an interesting place for science and innovation to occur and will only attract more international interest over time.

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