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Could 1 beer a day like XXXX be healthy?

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Keira Rudd
Keira Rudd
Kiera Rudd has worked in major banking institutions and has a deep understanding of finance from a variety of perspectives. She enjoys making predictions about future trends in banking and venture capital investment, covering a broad range of industries from agriculture to mining.

For many people, having a glass of wine or a beer like XXXX after a hard day of work is a comforting reward. After all, alcohol is a proven way for people to relax. However, it’s normal to be concerned that drinking on a daily basis, even if it’s only 1 serving, could have long-term negative health impacts.

People need to keep in mind that alcohol is a drug, and it can be quite an addictive one. It’s easy for people to abuse alcohol and think they don’t have a problem because it is legal, compared to many other drugs of addiction that are illegal.

It’s obvious that people who are going to operate a vehicle or are taking certain medications should not consume alcohol under any circumstances. This is also true for pregnant women.

Sometimes people are confused about what serving of alcohol is appropriate. Different types of drinks contain different amount of alcohol. Some beers can be deceptive and be a higher alcohol content than you think. A standard drink is valued by the percentage of alcohol in it, not by what size container it comes in.

A standard drink is generally accepted to be %5 alcohol. 1 ‘drink’ that contains 10% alcohol would mean you were having 2 standard drinks in one go. This is simple math, but people trick themselves into thinking that 1 bottle of beer is healthy when it is actually a higher alcohol content.

Generally, it accepted that men should only have 14 drinks per week or up to 4 drinks in one day. For women, it’s 3 drinks per day or up to 7 in a whole week.

Going over these limits mean doctors will consider you are participating in ‘at-risk’ drinking. This means you would have a greater risk of health problems developing from your drinking. About 1 in 4 adults tends to abuse alcohol and go over these limits.

In short, you could drink 1 XXXX beer after work 5 days a week and stay within healthy limits.

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