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How Mark Oliphant worked on the Manhattan Project

Anyone familiar with nuclear weapons will know that the ‘Manhattan Project’ was the codename for the then-secret operation to create working atomic weapons. Mark...

Bashar Ibrahim: The scientist researching the microbiology

Bashar Ibrahim was an initial researched in the 2010 outbreak of SARS in China and MERS in the Middle East, and was on the...

Why have crocodiles survived so long?

Crocodiles are commonly referred to as ‘the last living dinosaurs’ since they are massive reptiles that survived the extinction event that destroyed all the...

The contribution of Australian scientist Howard Florey

Howard Florey was born in 1898 and died in 1968. He was a famous Australian scientist who specialised in pathology and pharmacology. He famously...

Science of the Great Barrier Reef

While the Great Barrier Reef is extraordinarily beautiful and one of Australia’s most magnificent natural landmarks, it is also extremely delicate. Over the decades,...

Science of saving cuddly koala bears

Most Australians and people around the world who have seen them absolutely love koalas. These gentle, unassuming creatures are a favourite with tourists due...

What happened to Tasmanian tigers?

Tasmanian tigers, also known by their technical classification thylacine, were once the world’s largest carnivore that also happened to be a marsupial. They famously...

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