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Why negotiation skills are so important and how Complex Negotiations Counsel Jamie Nuich is pushing for the development of these skills

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Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall is a reporter covering business and entrepreneurial topics. Originally from the US, Alelie is a local journalist based in Melbourne. She has a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and she studied French and Latin American literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Jamie Nuich has had a wide range of experience in a multitude of industries. From working as a litigator, to appearing at the UN, to managing high-stakes deals in Big-4 corporate consulting, to researching discrete matters for senior members of government and finally practicing as a mediator, Nuich’s skills as a negotiator have been developed from an early age. Due to her experiences in many different industries, Nuich has seen a variety of approaches to negotiation and believes that many overlook this skill despite its ability to close deals and save or make money.

In 2019, Nuich developed the Golden Intelligence² School™, a program which aims to fill this gap in the market and give professionals the opportunity to develop sophisticated and essential negotiation skills. With many different courses available at varying levels of difficulty, Nuich has carefully crafted the program to deliver intense yet rewarding experiences to people with some level of expertise in negotiation who want to fine tune these skills.

But why are negotiation skills so important? Why is it something that we should be paying more attention to? According to Nuich, negotiation skills aren’t the same as what you see on TV. She believes that good faith negotiations are about a fair exchange of value and that you need to be prepared for the fact that someone may try to take advantage of you and get you to engage in an unfair exchange of value. There are many instances where this can happen and Nuich believes that in learning how to manage these negotiations, you can save yourself or your business a whole lot of time and money.

To improve your skills in negotiation, Nuich highlights the importance of good character and the need for intelligence. She has developed her program to help people improve their quality of thinking, something which she thinks is absolutely fundamental to negotiation. Upgrading the way that you think and learning certain skills to manage these exchanges of value is something you need to learn over time and something that can be expertly built upon to create sophisticated negotiators.

The School’s programs are built off a process that first introduces students to the game plans that they need to always have prepared as strategies for negotiation and then builds on these skills at a deeper and deeper level until students develop knowledge sophisticated enough to master managing complex negotiations on their own.

Jamie Nuich’s multi-disciplinary approach to teaching negotiation skills has created a highly sought after program that is continuing to develop and improve the skills of a number of different professionals. Her clients include hospital administrators, law firm owners, staff from the UN, senior political figures, professors and many more. Nuich received over 5,000 applications from around the globe upon the School’s introduction. This clearly highlights the impact that Nuich is having and the need for the development of negotiation skills in all industries and areas of expertise.

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