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How Eric Bana made his fortunes in acting

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Sean Broughton
Sean Broughton
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Erica Bana (full name Eric Banadinović) was born in 1968 and is one of the most famous Australian actors. Unlike many other mainstream actors who take on serious roles, Bana started his career in sketch comedy on the iconic series Full Frontal. He got noticed by mainstream film agents after this performance in the comedic-drama The Castle which came out in 1997.

The then gained critical acclaim for his portrayal of a notorious criminal in the biographical film Chopper in 2000. And he later had his first big Hollywood role in the war movie Black Hawk Down. He then played the character of the Hulk in a movie of the same name in 2003, but this movie was a critical failure.

After then he played Hector in the adaptation of the Trojan War myth named Troy in 2004, one his most memorable roles. Another memorable role was his portrayed as the main antagonist in the Star Trek reboot film in 2009.

Bana is notable for the wide spectrum of roles he takes on, not being pigeon-holed into one kind of character type. He has played action heroes, villains, stupid characters, and high-impact dramatic roles. Bana is certainly one of the most versatile actors in modern cinema has he is routinely praised for it.

It could be said that Bana has been successful because he is always willing to take on different roles and is afraid of doing new things. His first performing work was stand up comedy while working behind a bar and waiting tables, showing that Bana was never afraid to put in hard work to support himself.

Those who have worked alongside Bana have described him as hard-working, honest, and committed to his craft. He knows when to put his head down and work hard but is also able to lighten the mood with honest humour.

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