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The Three Sisters in Jamison Valley

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Benjamin Thorne
Benjamin Thorne
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The Three Sisters are a rock formation in the Jamison Valley, located in the Blue Mountains regions of New South Wales in Australia. They are called The Three Sisters because of an Aboriginal legend that suggests the 3 distinct rock formations were once people.

Each rock is named (Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo). Meehni is the tallest at 922 metres high, with the other two not much shorter. Geologists say that they were formed by erosion of the land caused by wind and rain over a long period of time.

The legend says that each sister was a member of the Katoomba tribe. They each fell in love with three men from the Nepean tribe that neighboured their own. Their marriage was forbidden by tribal law, but the three men decided to capture the three sisters and take them as their wives.

This caused a tribal war, and in order to protect the sisters a elder used magic to turn them into stone. However, the elder was killed in the war and thus unable to reverse the spell, leaving the sisters as rocks forever.

There has been some controversy over the origin of the legend, with local Aboriginal groups saying that this legend was invented by Europeans. There is evidence to link the original legend with a non-indigenous schoolgirl named Patricia Stone.

The Three Sisters are an iconic landmark in New South Wales and is normally a first stop for people visiting the Blue Mountains Area. The sisters overlook the Great Stairs which is a type of hiking track. It is a popular destination for school excursions for learning about the biodiversity of New South Wales and its natural landscapes.

As you can see there’s plenty of interesting things to know about The Three Sisters.

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