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The amazing life and work of Jimmy Barnes

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Paige Carvosso
Paige Carvosso
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Jimmy Barnes was born in 1956 and is one of the most iconic Australian musicians. Born in Scotland, he later became an Australian resident and has become one of the best-selling musicians in Australian history.

He was known as James Swan for most of his early years, and he was born in Glasgow in Scotland. He had said that he grew up in an environment that was like a slum, and his mother, before the age of 21, had 5 children.

When he was 5 years old, he moved to Adelaide in 1962. He had a large family, and they eventually settled in South Australia. He says he is Buddhist, despite being raised as Protestant. Late in his career, he revealed that his grandmother on his mother’s side was Jewish.

By the 1980’s he was part of the biggest band in Australia, Cold Chisel. He got a reputation for being somewhat of a wild alcoholic who, according to some, drank over 2 bottles of vodka each day and drank a lot both before, during, and after stage performances. Barnes got married and had children, but he already had a previous son when he was 18 who was raised by his grandmother. The son did not find out that Jimmy Barnes was his father until it was revealed to him in the 1980s.

After the last tour of Cold Chisel, Barnes stared his main solo career that he is best known for. He has released many albums since and is one of the most prolific Australian musicians and has made a lot of money over the decades. He has won many awards for his work as well and has received recognition for his charity for children with disability.

Jimmy Barnes is one of the best Aussie music artists of all time.

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