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Bella Kubary

Bella Kubary is one of the best journalists we have and like to write on a wide variety of subject matter, although she favours writing about business development and stakeholder relationship management. She is a talented author who has an impressive portfolio of work behind her.

Why does MIT view Australia as a great data analytics hub?

Australia has become a major drawcard for a variety of data analytics professionals and academics. Why is this? The simple answer is that Australia...

Analysis of a new era for Australian banks like ANZ

Australian banks are the leading corporate entities in the country. Major players like ANZ and Westpac are talked about in the media under the...

Analysis of credit provisions for banks like St George

When you look at credit provisions for major banks in Australia, the writing is really on the wall. An analysis of arrears shows that...

A working analysis of banks like Westpac and their equity

For banks in Australia like Westpac return on equity (ROE) can be at extremely low levels and sometimes even fall into the single-digit area....

Analysis of ING and other banking capitals in the Australian market

It is easy to look at the collective banking capital of institutions operating historically in Australia, like ING, to assess their suitability when it...

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