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How Harry Triguboff made his money

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Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall is a reporter covering business and entrepreneurial topics. Originally from the US, Alelie is a local journalist based in Melbourne. She has a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and she studied French and Latin American literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Harry Triguboff is one of the richest people in Australian and his is a developer of real estate who is Chinese-born. He is the managing director as well as the found of Meriton and many people call him ‘high-rise Harry’ as a nickname, due to the fact Meriton is responsible for so many apartment complexes.

Harry Triguboff was the son of a construction builder and was born in Dalian in China in 1933. His two parents in fact were not ethnically Chinese and were Jews from Russia who has escaped persecution after the rise of communism and Soviet Russia. He spent much of his early years in the Chinese Jewish community. He moved to Australia in 1947 after World War 2 was over.

He was educated in the impressive Scots College that was located in Sydney. After that, he graduated from the very prestigious University of Leeds located in England with a degree in textiles. He then worked in a textile company in both South Africa and Israel. This gave him a lot of world experience that would help him in business later in life.

In 1950 he came back to Australia. He eventually became a citizen of Australian in 1961 and has remained ever since. He did many different jobs during this time, such as owning a milk round and a taxi cab fleet. He began to try and sell real estate and did some work assisting a lecturer in University but did not have much success in these pursuits.

He made his fortune with Meriton Apartments, and many people don’t realise he is responsible for the building they are living in. He made a profit on buying blocks of land and building blocks of units for people to live in. The company got its name from his complex of 18 units he built at Meriton Street in Gladesville.

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