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Analysis of ING and other banking capitals in the Australian market

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Bella Kubary
Bella Kubary
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It is easy to look at the collective banking capital of institutions operating historically in Australia, like ING, to assess their suitability when it comes to further risk assessment. A collective look can expand on the major that is exceeded when it comes to the overall capital investment of these major banking firms.

These figures can be taken from a mixture of a capital generation that is organic in nature as well as a special initiative to raise capital and the overall divestment of the business. There have been many claims of strength in this area, but the true assessment needs to come from a look at the real capital requirements of banking players in Australia.

First of all, the major risk that is imposed in operational matters are assets that are weight against the equivalent capital of the banks. Additional governmental requirements also come into play when doing an analysis of this sector and there are likely going to be many levels of expected material that are underneath the surface.

While the imposed levels of operational risk have been previously imposed when it comes to levels of capital, large-scale public exposure will affect these numbers. Additional regulation requirements can limit these predicated outcomes as well, and as such banks need to think differently about the strategy, they are planning to use when it comes to managing capital investments.

This can often result in lower expenditure levels for capital generation initiatives and lessen the overall ceiling of the operation. There are several figures that chart this change, and it is quite predictable in its current form.

Regardless, the steady growth of capital is the aim of all major banks and is something they will want to focus on now and into the future of their industry.

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