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Facts about Kakadu National Park

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Benjamin Thorne
Benjamin Thorne
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Kakadu National Park is the most extensive national parkland in all of Australia. The park is packed with ancient, natural landscapes that give tourists a glimpse of the world before human encroachment. It has many massive waterfalls, dense rainforests, luscious wetlands, as well as Aboriginal rock are and exotic native wildlife.

The parkland covers roughly 20,000 kilometres squared and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that it is protected from deforestation, mining, and other forms of exploitation. The site is renowned for being one of the best-preserved and maintained national parks in the world since humans recognised the need to protect these areas.

There are many breathtaking views that can be enjoyed all around this national park. There are also ways to cruise along the rivers and spot the crocodiles and other native wildlife. There are also lots of migratory species of birds that visit the wetlands at different times of the year.

Visitors often say that they feel like they truly come alive in this national park due to the reconnection with nature. When people have busy modern lives in cities, they often forget how important and nourishing getting out into nature can be.

There are also over 5000 Indigenous rock art locations spread across the park, making it a delight to try and see all of them. Of course, visitors will need to make more than one trip if they want to see all the amazing Aboriginal rock art that exists at the national park.

There is a lot of Aboriginal cultures to see and experience here, and it is a look at what Australia was like before European settlement. This makes visiting the national park like going back in time, and it’s an experience that everyone should try to have.

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