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Tips for good supply chain management like Target

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Joshua Burley
Joshua Burley
Joshua Burley is a prolific finance writer and ex-banker who has spent more than 10 years in the upper echelons of the industry. He writes extensively on issues relating to interest rates and their effect on the wider lending industry.

Target is one of the biggest and most successful consumer goods retailers in the world and has been a successful brand in Australia. One of the reasons a store chain like Target is so successful is because of excellent logistics and supply chain management.

It’s not just Target – all good business owners will explain the importance of supply chain management. It’s not an easy thing to perfect and is one of the elements of business where heaps of things can go wrong.

It’s essential to ensure you have efficient supply chain management so that you have the best results for your customers. It also reduces a lot of your overhead costs when you nail the supply chain management game.

1.   Find reliable suppliers

You need reliable suppliers in order to have effective supply chain management. You need to look at more than cost when you are negotiating with suppliers, as the cheapest options won’t always be the best for you to go with.

2.   Investing in employees

In order to have effective supply chain management, you need to ensure that you invest in the development of your employees in that sector. They need to be well-trained and understand the importance of their role in making sure the rest of the operation ticks along smoothly.

3.   Take advantage of the latest technology

Logistics and supply chain management is always being made more efficient with the development of new technologies. For example, modern warehouse management systems are an essential tool for organising busy warehouses and making the end-to-end logistics possible so that it is as efficient as possible.

Computerises shipping and delivery tracking are also essential tools for modern supply chain management. Never underestimate the importance of using technology to enhance supply chain management.

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