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The early life and work of Sia

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Paige Carvosso
Paige Carvosso
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Sia (full name Sia Kate Isabelle Furler) was born in 1975 and is a famous Australian musician. She is known mainly as a singer and songwriter but has stepped out of the limelight several times to take the director’s seat.

She got her start as a singer in a band called Crip in Adelaide during the 1990s. When the band disbanded in 1997, she released a solo album called OnlySee. She then moved to England and did vocal work for British band Zero 7. She then did another solo album that was called Healing is Difficult, and another album after that in 2004. However, all of these albums failed to have a mainstream impact.

After this, she moved in 2005 to New York and did a tour of the USA. She then did a 4th studio album and a 5th that was released in the late 2000s. These works got more notice than the ones before them. Sia found her fame uncomfortable and began to work in the background writing music for other musicians.

Sia is most famous these days for trying not to be famous and trying to maintain her privacy as much as possible. She appears on camera either facing the opposite direction in a bizarre fashion or wearing a wig backwards so that her face is obscured.

She is noted for being a talented singer and songwriter, with her expertise being requested by many other artists. She has also worked in film and television, usually as a cameo, and she had done work to support her choice to be vegan and show others the truth behind the cruelty of animals in the agricultural industry. She has also done a few television roles, such as doing the singing voice of Lorde in an episode of South Park.

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