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The pros and cons of warm Wollongong weather

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Keira Rudd
Keira Rudd
Kiera Rudd has worked in major banking institutions and has a deep understanding of finance from a variety of perspectives. She enjoys making predictions about future trends in banking and venture capital investment, covering a broad range of industries from agriculture to mining.

Many people may prefer warm Wollongong weather over the cold; however these reasons are usually to do with the aesthetics and feelings of it.
There are actually some proper benefits that come with warm Wollongong weather that you should definitely know about. Make no mistake, people love warm Wollongong weather because they know it means sunny days, beaches and tanning and general good vibes all round. These reasons are enough for people to love warm Wollongong weather, however there are medical benefits that come with the temperature and sunlight, and these benefits should be observed and known. However, with the hot Wollongong weather also comes some cons which can also definitely affect the health of people, and these should especially be known due to the serious things they can cause.
With the weather comes high UV rays, especially in Australia where it is widely known there is a hole (a healing one) in the Ozone layer above the country, allowing a much higher number of UV rays into the country than most other places in the world. This is responsible for the highest rate of skin cancer in the entire world, being in Australia.

With the warm Wollongong weather comes its pros and cons, and it is important to know what they are.

Increase in sunlight

Hand reaching up to sunlight through trees enjoying warm Wollongong weatherWith hot Wollongong weather comes an increase in sunlight, of course.
This increase in sunlight exposure means an increase in Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for humans, and higher Vitamin D levels means higher energy levels, cancer prevention and the ability to keep your bones strong and healthy. Although Vitamin D is so important for humans, studies have shown that 77% of people are Vitamin D deficient as they do not get enough sunlight. Many people are locked inside most of the year due to office and other indoor jobs, and also because of the weather in the country they live in. It is important especially for these people to go outside when there is sunlight in order to soak up the rays for some Vitamin D.

It will get you physical

Being honest, people will be much more likely to get up and go exercise if the weather outside is nice. Warm Wollongong weather is a good chance to get outside and go for a run or do some form of workout, all whilst enjoying the weather and sunlight exposure. No one wants to go for a run in cold or rainy weather and that is fair enough, however with warm Wollongong weather, there is no excuse. Moreover, nice weather can mean beach days which often means people going for swims. This definitely counts as physical exercise and should definitely be encouraged in warm Wollongong weather. Even swimming in a pool is good as regardless you are exercising your whole body and its muscles and your cardiovascular system. All of this is important to your health and extremely beneficial for people of any age. Exercise of course has its many benefits which is widely known, and can help you stave off risk of numerous diseases and keeps you healthy in general. By exercising in the sunlight in the warm Wollongong weather, you are also obtaining Vitamin D whilst keeping yourself healthy. A winning combination if there ever was one.

You will be in a better mood in general

A happy girl is standing in a field enjoying the warm Wollongong weatherWarm Wollongong weather brings sunlight, which helps to signal your body to produce more of a hormone called Serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for creating happiness and for improving your mood. Obviously, you will want this hormone to be produced, as you will feel much happier than without it, and the sunlight that comes with warm Wollongong weather can help to produce this. When it is cold and rainy, it is often common to feel down and depressed a form of pathetic fallacy almost in coexistence with the moody weather.
This is often called Seasonal Affective Disorder, which means you can feel depressed, not hungry and generally just down because of the weather, and this can affect your body in various ways. So, it is only natural that when warm Wollongong weather comes out, and with it sunlight, that we feel much happier in general. In combination with the natural increase in production of Serotonin, the happiness and the smiles will come out in the warm Wollongong weather.

Sunlight exposure can damage the eyes

Excessive exposure to sunlight from the warm Wollongong weather can lead to eye damage. In the long term, UV rays from the sun can damage the retina.
The retina is located at the back of the eye, and is essential for eyesight.
Furthermore, damage for sunlight exposure can cause the development of bumps along the edge of the cornea which can then grow over the cornea, preventing clear vision. This can obviously be cause for concern, and sunglasses must be worn when in the warm Wollongong weather as you do not want your eyes constantly exposed to sunlight over the long term, as this can lead to the damage previously mentioned.

Heat exhaustion

An exhausted girl who is hot from Wollongong weather stands with her hand on her headBeing in the warm Wollongong weather for too long can lead to heat exhaustion, which can be very serious. This is where your body is dehydrated and loses excessive water and salt. This will lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, weakness, thirst, heavy sweating, thirst and so on. This is definitely not good for you, and can lead to heat stroke if left untreated. Heat stroke is serious and life threatening and should be taken seriously. While the warm Wollongong weather is tempting to exercise in, it is important to constantly stay hydrated and replace electrolytes and salt lost in sweat with sports drinks and water. Keeping these on hand will make sure you are safe whilst you enjoy the sun and keep yourself healthy through exercise and an active lifestyle.


Sunburn is an obvious con of sunlight exposure, and something that most people have experienced at some point in their life. They can range from mild to severe, and are a cause of concern in terms of pain and the fact that they can cause cancer. The warm Wollongong weather is nice, however it is important that you always wear sunscreen before heading into the sunlight as the high UV in Australia means that skin cancer rates are very high and sunburns can occur easily. The general symptoms of a sunburn is redness, pain, swelling, blisters and sometimes flu-like symptoms. The more concerning fact is the skin cancer, which can easily be prevented through the use of sunscreen and not exposing yourself excessively in the sun in the warm Wollongong weather.

In summary, warm Wollongong weather brings its benefits which can be enjoyed, including increased happiness, increased likelihood of exercise and increased sunlight for Vitamin D production. However, it does have its cons which can be serious, including sunburn, heat exhaustion, skin cancer and eye damage.
These cons can be prevented through sensible sun exposure, the use of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Warm Wollongong weather can be enjoyed responsibly in order to reap the benefits of it, without exposing yourself excessively to the dangers of sunlight.

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