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Lots of ‘healthy food’ actually has more sugar than a Tim Tam

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Keira Rudd
Keira Rudd
Kiera Rudd has worked in major banking institutions and has a deep understanding of finance from a variety of perspectives. She enjoys making predictions about future trends in banking and venture capital investment, covering a broad range of industries from agriculture to mining.

Everyone knows that the chocolate-coated Tim Tams that is a favourite amongst Australians (and around the world) is a sometimes food. While it’s pretty obvious by looking at Tim Tams that they are a treat not to be consumed in quantity, there are lots of other foods that actually have more sugar than a regular Tim Tam but are marketed as healthy.

If you know your stuff, then you will not be surprised by the fact that food companies have cleverly marketed things as healthy when they really aren’t. They disguise the addictive sugar treat in packaging that makes it seem healthy and incorporate things like fruit to give the illusion of being natural and wholesome.

However, these things are heavily processed, and you should not be fooled by clever marketing that tells you they are part of a balanced diet. You can’t rely on food brands, to be honest, and upfront about what is suitable for your diet, so you need to do your own research and stay as vigilant as possible.

One of the worst offenders is breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are notorious for parading themselves as quick alternatives to a more robust breakfast that need only be mixed with milk to make a meal. However, most cereals are packed with sugar and have little in the way of nutrition.

Many of the supposedly healthy cereals that incorporate fruits and nuts in them will be packed with sugar.

Lots of other things like yoghurts and iced tea drinks pretend to be healthy when they really aren’t. It’s all about looking at the sugar content. As a general rule, if you are craving food, it’s probably not very healthy since it is linked to sugar addiction.

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