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Why you can’t just eat Oreos all-day

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Keira Rudd
Keira Rudd
Kiera Rudd has worked in major banking institutions and has a deep understanding of finance from a variety of perspectives. She enjoys making predictions about future trends in banking and venture capital investment, covering a broad range of industries from agriculture to mining.

Treats like Oreos are great – in moderation. Despite the way they are packaged, you really shouldn’t eat a whole rack of Oreos by yourself, and especially not in one sitting.

Why? The simple reason is because of the sugar content. These types of treats are packed with sugar which is the leading cause of weight gain (despite what the sugar industry would have you believe).

While sugar can be an excellent additive to make things taste nicer, too much of it can cancel out any health benefits the food you are eating would otherwise have given to you. A salad is a prime example of a food that can be packed with healthy ingredients like vegetables but be ruined by a sugar-laden dressing.

The sugar industry wants people to believe that their weight gain is due to their laziness – that a lack of exercise is what is keeping them overweight. This causes people to, instead of changing their eating habits in any meaningful way, spend money on gym memberships and personal trainers.

While physical activity is essential for health and well-being, what you eat is the main contributing factor to obesity. When you consume less energy than you burn during your days’ activities, your body will then dig into fat reserves, and you will lose weight.

Sugar gives you a cheap energy boost, but foods like Oreos don’t come with any meaningful nutrition to justify them. Eating treats more than you eat whole foods will lead to obesity very quickly.

Instead of spending hours in a gym running to try and lose weight – adjust your diet first. Eliminate sugary soft drinks and simply have water with your meal and keep treats as something you enjoy only on the weekends.

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