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How to grow your business fast with proper SEO

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Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall
Amelie Hall is a reporter covering business and entrepreneurial topics. Originally from the US, Alelie is a local journalist based in Melbourne. She has a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and she studied French and Latin American literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Starting a business is an ambitious journey and gaining momentum for that business takes patience and hard work. It’s a competitive landscape out there and knowing how to navigate it is essential for coming out on top. Taking advantage of the search engine optimisation (SEO) skills that certain agencies have can be the make or break for your business’ success. For me, the knowledge and guidance of SEO Shark was imperative and was the crucial piece of the puzzle for ensuring that my business could see the rapid growth that it did.

Utilising their expertise in the world of digital allowed my business to go from a relatively unknown one to one of the most popular and trusted in my industry. Allow me to provide some insight into what they did for me and show you why investing in digital marketing strategies is so important.

Why is the online world so important?

Utilising the vast opportunities for business growth within the online space is easily the most essential thing that companies can do in this day and age. Your customers are online. When they are searching your industry for products or services to buy, they are doing it online. If you are not there standing shoulder to shoulder with your competitors, your company will be overlooked. But how can you ensure that your website is up there among the top results? That’s where SEO comes in. There are a wide range of tools and techniques that can be used to optimise your website and ensure that Google ranks it as one of the best of the best, showing it to your potential clients.

This, of course, is all very complex and requires a consistent knowledge of what is going on in the industry and what Google looks for in a website. If you feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things to know about navigating the web, outsourcing this work to an agency will be the best decision you can make. Allowing them to handle the complicated tech side of things frees up your time so that you can focus on building your growing business. SEO Shark ensured that my website was top quality and appealing to potential clients and worked tirelessly to boost my website’s ranking. This was essential for helping me become one of the most popular businesses in my industry.

What exactly do they do?

So now that you have an idea of why focusing on your online business as well as your physical one is so important, why are agencies like SEO Shark worth it? What exactly do they do to grow your business?

Develop and optimise your website

These days, every business absolutely needs a website. If people are looking for information on your company, the first place they will look is online. A website that is engaging, informative and well-designed is the key for turning curious visitors to your site into loyal customers. SEO agencies know exactly how to develop a website that appeals to people and delivers them an impressive and memorable experience. Whether you have a website or not, development and optimisation services are a crucial first step to generating interest around your business and creating a brand that is professional and customer-friendly.

Run your ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising online. Ads are a great way to boost your traffic and gain exposure within your industry. Although they are extremely useful, they can also be a hassle to manage and time consuming to maintain. An agency like SEO Shark will be able to help you as they know exactly what to run and when. This knowledge is invaluable for making the most of your advertising endeavours and ensuring that you get as much as possible out of them.

Run your social media

Social media is also becoming one of the top ways for businesses to engage with their clients. Posting on these platforms is an easy way to reach people and give them information about your business. Allowing an agency to manage your social media will ensure that important information gets communicated in an engaging way and will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business growth.

Help with your overall digital strategy

Maybe you do have some knowledge of how you might go about boosting your business online but are looking for some fresh and informed advice from the experts. SEO Shark were excellent at ensuring that they constantly communicated with me and my colleagues and delivered vital advice for our overall digital strategy. This insight was able to provide my business with a digital strategy that allowed us to quickly rival our top competitors.

These are just some of the methods that SEO Shark used to boost my website and through this, my company. Employing them to look after the online side of my business was one of the best decisions I made on my business’ journey to success. Without the use of these techniques and the ongoing work that is put into my websites maintenance, I wouldn’t have been able to build my brand as successfully as I have. If you are searching for a way to grow your business, there’s no doubt that you should turn to an SEO agency like SEO Shark.

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